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23 Jul 2014

@AllRiseSilver: Tokyo tower instagram.com/p/qy1VGSib0b/

@AllRiseSilver: And there’s us taking a photo of it instagram.com/p/qy1wOZib1G/

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@AllRiseSilver: Eunhyukee Dongdong instagram.com/p/qyWBR2Cb2_/

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it’s gonna be a good day because of otp

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how to handle with hacker - Eunhae’s s-tyle~

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22 Jul 2014

guess who is in the good mood today? donghae

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Ray Magazine Trans

Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk – The 5 things we would like to ask both of them
Super Junior Donghae and Eunhyuk finally appeared in Ray magazine! During the photoshoot, we thought that they would pose handsomely, but who knows both of them did a lot of adorable smiles and cheeky expressions! Both of them who are kind, presents their 3rd single SKELETON’s latest interview!

1. Love

Q: If you were to have a date in summer, where will you go to? What will you do?
E: If I have a lover, its ok to not go anywhere and not do anything. I will want to stay at home, open up the windows and turn on the electrical fan, eating ice-cream.

Q: What is the speed for you to fall in love?
D: I spend 25 years (laughs). When you are young, you don’t think twice when you fall for someone, but when you grow older, you become more cautious, and you will think a lot of other things. So now I won’t think too much, I will think about ELF JAPAN!
E: (burst into laughters)
D: I am done with my answer!
E: I only need 3 seconds! Being loved by so many fans I have to be quick! When we hold concert, I need to fan in love with so many people is exhausted. Fine, I was just joking just now! Me and Donghae are actually very identical, even the speed I fall in love. I am also the type where I get cautious when I grow older.

Q: What will you do to get closer to the girls you like? Are you the type who always took the initiative?
E: Because I need to have quite some time to be able to fall in love, so when there is someone I like, I will tell her how I feel. I am the type where even there is a chance I will get hurt, I will still give my everything type. I will also calls a lot and send text messages a lot. Aren’t I manly?
D: If there is someone I like, I will confess to her by saying “lets date!” type.
E: But if you spend 25 years to confess to a person but it doesn’t succeed, then doesn’t that meant you need to spend another 25 years? (laughs)

Q: Speaking of the song Kimi Ga Naitara, if the girl you like cried, what will you do?
E: I think I will cry along… if she cries because of me, I will cry even hysterically, probably until she forgotten why she was crying initially.
D: I think I will have a different reaction, sometimes I will let her to cry by my side, since there are times where a person will want to cry alone, so I’ll let her cry. Sometimes I might get angry and tell her “DON’T CRY” (laughs). Of course I will sometimes hug her and let her cry.

Q: After reading through Ray magazine what do you feel? Is there any female fashion that you like?
D: Just now reading Ray magazine with Eunhyuk, and keep on saying “so adorable
. I think when girls are alone, they can wear very feminine, but if she is with me… just like what we see just now (flipping through the magazine) like this type of loose shirt and with jeans, this casual style is fine.

2. Japan Tour

Q: During concert what is the most interesting part?
D: During the opening, we stood on disco ball and appeared onstage, revealing the opening of D&E concert, the lights that shines on the disco ball reflects on the concert venue, it was really pretty.
E: Fans remembering our songs and sing along with us, when we listen we feel touched. At first everyone doesn’t sing well, I asked them to practice more(laughs). At first I was very strict! (laughs) After so many concerts, able to sing along with each other I am touched.
D: There are fans who cried for us, compare to feeling happy, my feeling is closer to how they feel at that time. Just like I myself went to others concert and feel the excitement, I use the same feeling to thank fans.

Q: Any interesting things happen during your concert tour?
E: During our tour, we will play football game, poker cards and etcetera in the hotel room, whatever it is we will find something to play!
D: And also watching a lot of times, the scenery from the hotels.
E: There is always a mart near to the hotel so we went a number of different marts, experiencing a lot of different food.
D: I think we make the staffs think that if we hungry we are not able to sing (laughs).

Q: Do you have anything you must do before getting onstage?
E: On the day of concert, I will watch my favourite Michael Jackson, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake’s music videos, hoping that I will get some ideas, and to learn to perform differently onstage. I love Chris Brown’s With You since long ago, I even pick this song as my solo performance on our concert. I think it’s a song where you sing for the people you love! Because I love ELF JAPAN, so I pick this song.

Q: If D&E have 2nd tour, what do you want to do?
E: During next tour, we visit fans home (laughs)
D: Hold concert at Tokyo Tower? I really hope I could take pictures of Tokyo there, I tried before watching SKY TREE from afar, to hold concert at SKY TREE is also a good choice (laughs) 

3. Member

Q: Please tell 3 things you like about Eunhyuk and 3 things of Eunhyuk that you think it is worth to be respected.
D: Just by watching him, you will feel like laughing (laughs). Even though this sounds like a joke, but this is truth. Why do I say like this? Because when members are with Eunhyuk, the atmosphere is extremely lively, his presence will brings that impact. Older brother, younger brother, friend… you will feel all of it. So when a person is troubled, he will look for Eunhyuk. I envy this part a lot, sometimes he will become the person I look up to, I really want to be a person like that! There is two more?…. Ugh.. no more (laughs)

Q: Please tell 3 things you like about Donghae and 3 things of Donghae that you think it is worth to be respected.
E: Ah? 3 things….. don’t have(laughs). I think there is two. Donghae can easily find out about the troubles of the person around him, this is first. For people I just met, I can’t express my feelings easily. Even its meeting first time, Donghae is able to make the person trust him. Upon getting contact number he will even voluntarily invite them to have a meal and he is easy to make friends with others. Secondly.. he is able to arrange his daily schedule properly. Compare to me who loves to stay at home, Donghae is extremely energetic. There is no third! Ah, cannot? Um.. yah! He is patient with all women (laughs).

Q: What are other SJ members reaction knowing both of you are active in Japan?
D: Ryeowook who comes to Osaka concert told us “I am thankful to both of you”. And he also say “even though we are all SJ members, but both of you are so cool, and I am thankful that both of you can have schedules together”. Even though he couldn’t attend our concert, but Siwon say “I am lucky I am your(both of your) friend”. Well, apart from other members, me, Eunhyuk and Siwon are best best friends, it’s a team. Siwon supports us by our side, there are no secrets between us, he is a friend who you can trust! I am really thankful to him.

4. Myself

Q: What’s your dreams since young?
E: I wanted to become a singer when I was 10. This dream has never changed since then. Actually during that time I feel like I don’t have any skills on becoming a singer, so when I first dream of becoming a singer, my parents are worried and they asked me “You really want to be a singer?”. But I never give up, I work hard and becomes a singer. If you have something you really want to do, your dreams will come true.

Q: Usually what do you like to wear? Any style you would recommend?
E: In the past I really pay attention on fashion, but recently I like to wear clothes which I feel comfortable, I will have 2 to 3 specific brands I like. If I am ask to recommend, I will choose clothes which are suited to my body. Between members, the one who catch up with fashion is Yesung. He is familiar with the latest brands and will recommend us a lot of different clothes.

Q: To exercise your body figure, what will you do?
D: Compare to exercise my body, I did a lot of things to make myself eat more (to be able to not reduce eating even if he exercise). I already love exercise, so I have a big appetite, I exercise a lot too. I will at least have 1 hour exercise daily, if I have time, I will have 1 hour 20 minutes. On days with a lot of concerts, I will exercise those parts where lactate acid will accumulate, if there is concert, after waking up, I will do weighing.

Q: Recently learning Japanese, what sentence do you remember?
E: Can I speak dialects? “So cute(Hokkaido dialect)” “Don’t move” “I love you (Hiroshima dialect) During our tour I learn a lot, different places and different dialects is interesting, in the past I will remember phone message leaving message system, recently I want to learn the messages from subways.

Q: Do you collect any things?
D: Books and picture frames. When I go overseas I will buy, now at home I have a portrait I bought from New York <Beauty and the Beast> artwork, and the artwork of Audrey Hepburn I bought from Germany. I love to collect things, I am scared I will lost it so I didn’t buy, if I buy, I will buy antique lamps and couches, or even books and frames.

Q: There is a song 10 years, what do you want to be in 10 years later?
E: Actually after listening to this song, I did really thought about what I will become 10 years later. First of, I probably have a pretty wife! (Laughs) if 10 years later I have a cute daughter and a cute wife will be nice. 

Q: What do you want to say to yourself 10 years later?
D: Yah~ You should learn harder (laughs). Even though life experience is more important than study, but at least be a bit hardworking in learning other languages. This is what I feel after visiting so many countries in the past 10 years. When I thought of 10 years ago, I was so naïve back then. To people around me, those maknae, sunbae and hyung all say I am adorable. But in my own plans, able to reach my target I am really thankful of my life.

5. Future

Q: What activities D&E will have in the future?
E: We hope that we can be a subunit who focus on concerts, so not just Japan, we want to stand on stages in Asia and other countries.
D: Recently I always say that I want to hold more concerts which have only both of us, able to grow further, I hope to meet with more fans.

Q: Please say something to Japan fans!
E: We are able to release album, hold concerts and all concerts are fully seated, without fans we can’t make it. I am really thankful to all of you, to hold next concert, we will work harder!
D: Both of us starting from now its just a start, until the next time we meet, please take care of yourself.
E: We always think of getting closer to you.

D&E Talk about SKELETON

Q: What type of song is your new single SKELETON?
E: In Ride Me, I think we gets mature a bit, SKELETON is the revolution version of D&E.
D: Unlike the songs in the past, this is a song where its atmosphere is different and recorded under a very free and lively atmosphere.
E: Because it’s the type of songs we never tried before so I have a strong challenging feeling.
D: Lets spend this summer by listening to SKELETON!
E: At first I am a bit afraid that I couldn’t rap properly in Japanese, I work hard in practicing the pronunciation. In Japanese, there are some pronunciation which is hard! I tried to curl my tongue and make sounds like burururu~~, after trying once, I got addicted and couldn’t stop (laughs), I don’t know if it helps but everyone should try it!

Q: What is the selling point of SKELETON MV?
D: Because we hope that everyone able to understand the meaning of the lyrics, there is skeleton appearing in the mv.
E: Please anticipate both of us with GORUGORU (Skeleton) scene (laughs)
D: We painted ourselves in glowing paint, then use special lightning equipment to hold party and film it, it was fun right?
E: Yes, it was really fun, but filming was hard, GORUGORU looks like he got slimmer.. (laughs)
D: from Oppa Oppa until Motorcycle, the dance part we add a lot parts where everyone can dance along, this time we add in Bone Dance which everyone can dance along, its an interesting dance (laughs). Everyone must try and dance along with us!
E: While waiting for us, practice Bone Dance. How much you can dance? We will go examine the results! (laughs)

Q: Whats the next target in group activitites?
E: Our leader Leeteuk is coming back soon, this year we will release new album in Korea so members are working hard in preparing! Please be patient.
D: Apart from new album, I hope everyone can anticipate D&E new single. D&E works hard, I hope that through music and performance we can step foot on places Super Junior unable to go to. 

Chinese to English Trans: @eunhaebemine
Japanese to Chinese Trans: DirtyPop1938

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