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Our SJ hyungs are quite tough... have sharp tongues too, usually if we are not recording shows, they are like that too.. like recently because we practice together we will eat together.. the stuff we say are really powerful.. slapping each other and being sacarstic... really no joke.. once we even almost quarrelled... but we can be like this because we are very close.

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30 Sep 2014

hyukjae convo with his silly friend donghaek

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 donghae just can’t keep secret especially as it related to d&e (*note: first convo - yellow: ryeowook, green: donghae, sky blue: eunhyuk)

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4 hours ago

yeah now I’m preparing an album with Donghae-ssi again~

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Donghae is the most silly friend that Eunhyuk has.

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eunhae to leeteuk: hyung, we love you kkk (the-most-annoying-couple)

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140930 CBB

Me: Is your necklaces couple so that you and Donghae oppa use them together?

Hyuk: No, it’s mine and I lend him.

Actually he’s surprised when I showed him the picture that Hae’s wearing this necklace. Maybe he didn’t know Hae used it (=)) ). He just say that they have the same style so they usually use their stuff together.//cr: ParkHeeYoung13 

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